Church Planting

Baptist Ministries Director Ron Meldrum is a church planter in Maine.  After pastoring a church in rural Maine for 13 years, Brother Meldrum and his family stepped into a ministry to plant additional churches in Maine.

When Gallup did its poll to determine the “most Christian” states in the USA, Mississippi was number 1.  Maine, however, was number 48, followed by New Hampshire and Vermont.  Massachusetts was in position 47.  Those New England states where it all began, where the first Baptists in the New World lived and ministered, where so many of the old time revivals broke out, are now the most spiritually-cold area in the nation.

The doctrinally-sound churches that do exist in Maine are mostly along the I-95 corridor, where the greatest population lives.  However, rural areas of the state are incredibly needy and need churches.  Where there is no light, there is no hope.

The Meldrums’ goal is to plant more churches in rural Maine and to encourage other church planters to do the same.

Baptist Ministries is a “tent-making” work.  Income received by Baptist Ministries in excess of the ministry’s expenses is used for the church-planting

For more information about the Meldrums and their ministry, see their web site.